Environment / DMP- Before Afters

Hitojichi-Yagura 1562

High Altitude Clouds - Terragen

Boulder Rock - Environment Asset - MARI

Futuristic Buildings

Historical Remains

Set Extension / Matte Painting

Green Screen

Matte Painting - Fragile Namibian deserts

Matte Painting - Snow Camp

About Raj

Hello everyone this is Rajendra Nitturu, Toronto based VFX artist. With 4 Year Bachelor Degree and 2 year Diploma Digital Visual Effects at Centennial College, I graduated with Bachelors in Multimedia in India and Moved to Canada for 2 years course in Digital Visual Effects at Centennial College. For the past 6 years I have been working on Adobe Suite, Nuke, Maya, Syntheyes on different projects for school. Thus became very familiar with the all departments and workflow of a CG shot. I made it his priority to enjoy being a digital matte painter. My matte painting and environment work often leans towards the technical. I enjoy the challenges and complex projection setups. I never get tired of learning, be it new techniques or software packages, I love sharing knowledge with others. I am highly organized, committed and flexible in any situation.